"The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, 
something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, 
makes each day infinitely precious"

-Uta Hagen, Actress & Teacher

  {  SPARK   .  Write.   .   CREATE.   .   Pe r form   .   INSPIRE   .  Engage   .   EMPOWER     }    

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”
  -Uta Hagen

March Virtual Showcase

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for supporting our March Virtual showcase for our Women's Playwriting Project. 

An Update!

Our virtually staged readings from Sunday 3/28/2021 are now available to view below! These plays will be available to view until 12 pm EST Wednesday 4/14/2021 since website maintenance delayed our initial posting. Only the password from Sunday 3/28 will work for accessing these plays. 

The same password will not work for BOTH. 

If you did not attend the showcase but you're looking to watch them online you can fill out the donation form here. If you're not looking to donate today you can also email info.sparkcreativeworks.org with your name, phone number, number and main email. Our showcases are password protected to protect the original work of our playwrights. We thank you for your understanding. We will be uploading "The Tsunami Sisters" Tuesday April 6th-Wednesday April 14th (12 pm EST).  

**A Viewing Tip** To expand the viewing screen hover over the video once it's playing and click the little four corner icon on the bottom right of the videos. It will expand the viewing screen.****

"The Tsunami Sisters" 
Written by Fengar Gael 
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Magda-Labonté Blaise, Cristina Lombardi, Liz Jeffery
*This play was originally shown on Friday 3/26th*

"Secondhand Gifts"
Written by CJ Ehrlich
Directed by Gianna Zuffante
Cast: Brianne Boyd, Emily Nadler

Written by Karen Rae Levine 
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Francina Smith, Lauren Duffy

"The Sourtoe Cocktail Club" 
Written by S.A. Weingarten
Directed by Brianne Boyd
Cast: Morgan Moffitt, John Dorcic

"Mommy Milk Cafe" 
Written by Sara States
Directed by Megan Toffolo
Cast: Sydney Matuszak, Taryn Gatcomb, Allie Costa, Gianna Zuffante

"A Feminist Revisionist History of Rosemary's Baby"
Written by Lauren Gorski 
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Hannah Mount, Marc Chouen, Sarah Berger, Alex McKay, Jes Almeida

Written by Jennifer O'Grady 
Directed by Caitlin Nofi
Cast: Jaime Zahl, Charles Jacker, Jacklyn Lisi, Joan St. Onge

"The Gifting Game" 
Written by Fengar Gael 
Directed by Lisa Rudin
Cast: Denise Lardi, Lori Santopetro

"Somewhere On The Pacific" 
Written by Heidi Kraay 
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Gianna Zuffante, Johnny Dee, Jes Almeida

"You Mother"
Written by Annie Larussa
Directed by Lynn Antunovich
Cast: Christine Sullivan, Christine Copley

And now a sneak peek at one of our top 25 scripts selected for short film production! :-)

"The Thought Doesn't Count" 
Written by Emile Hageman
Directed by Nikki Silva

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