"The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, 
something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, 
makes each day infinitely precious"

-Uta Hagen, Actress & Teacher

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“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”
  -Uta Hagen

June Virtual Showcase Videos

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for supporting our June Virtual showcase for our Women's Playwriting Project. 

It was our 5th and final live stream installment of our virtually staged readings.

June Showcase Info:

Our streamed showcase was on June 5th & 6th, however, the plays will still be accessible through our website, here, for a limited time. All plays are password protected for our writers. If you'd like to view the plays you can either fill out a donation form here OR send a password request to info.sparkcreativeworks@gmail.com. 

Saturday Evening's Plays will be available: 6/7/2021-6/14/2021 Midnight (EST)

Coming Soon: Sunday's Line-up !

"Keys" by Elizabeth Swetland
"Dust Everywhere" by J. Therese
"Coming Through" by Pamela Schueler
"Tending to Other Things" by Susan Jackson
"Snack Time" by Nina Mansfield
"Conference Room A" by Joyce Fontana
"Eaten by a Tiger at the Local Zoo" by Ann Marie Shea
"Making Out" by Elaine Kuracina 
"The Bra Bust" by Joyce Newman Scott 
"A Midsummer Night's Slam" by Arianna Rose
"Unending Drama" by Judy Klass

Sunday Evening's Plays will be available: 6/15/2021-6/22/2021 Midnight (EST)

**A Viewing Tip** To expand the viewing screen hover over the video once it's playing and click the little four corner icon on the bottom right of the videos. It will expand the viewing screen.****

Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming film festival!

"Until the Earth Breaks Open"
Written by Lindsay Partain 
Directed by Jes Almeida 
Cast: Stephanie Leinoff, Lisa Meckes, Nikki Silva, Gianna Zuffante

"Because of the Cookies"
Written by Susan Jackson 
Directed by Sarah Spagnuolo
Cast: Deborah Rupy, Allie Faulkner

Written by Shelli Pentimall Bookler
Directed by Jackie Massé
Cast: Daniel Durr, Taryn Gatcomb, Sarah Kosheff

Written by Dagney Kerr
Directed by Gianna Zuffante
Cast: Kristin Danko, Frank Danko

Written by Rebecca J. McGann
Directed by Cristina Lombardi
Cast: Kiana Douglas, Dana Tortora

"Miner's Canary"
Written by Charlotte Jung
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Jaylen Anderson, Jackie Massé, Hannah Mount, Elizabeth DeGennaro

"Greetings From Fallujah"
Written by Christine Evans 
Directed by Jes Almeida
Cast: Bari Secondino

"Skin Deep"
Written by Kristin Hanratty
Directed by Gianna Zuffante
Cast: Stephanie Moreau, Tom Ciociari

"Going to Crystal City"
Written by Jeanne Beckwith
Directed by Sydney Matuszak
Cast: Lyndsay Crescenti, Bailey C. Elis, Carson Lee Cosper 

Written by Robin Caroline 
Directed by Megan Toffolo 
Cast: Linda Alison Stein, Lee Kurfist

"Medical Records"
Written by Connie Shindewolf
Directed by Christine Nelson
Cast: Joan St. Onge, Jes Almeida, Christina O'Shea, Bari Secondino

Written by Susan Hansell 
Directed by Josie McSwane
Physical Performers- Melissa Norman, Alycia Roselli
              Voiceover Performers- John Dorcic, Josie McSwane

And now two final SNEEK PEEKS at our short films in the works: 

Written by: Sage Martin
Directed by Jackie Massé
Featured Cast: Mitchell One, Sarah Berger

"Roberta's Skin" 
Written by Deanna Strasse
Directed by Jes Almeida 
Featured Cast: Gianna Zuffante, Andrew Beck

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you'll also be able to catch behind the scenes looks the rest of our film production process.