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Spark Creative Works, Long Island 

Welcome to Our Creative Community

Supporting Women in The Arts

Having worked with a number of theater groups across Long Island, the members of Spark Creative Works noticed a lack of women in leadership positions within the local performing arts community. Positions such as artistic directors and executive directors were largely held by men and plays written by women were performed less frequently. This anecdotal evidence is backed up by ongoing research from The League of Resident Theatre's, demonstrating that in theaters nationwide women occupy a smaller percentage of leadership positions than their male counterparts. Spark is making moves to change this by creating opportunities for women to step into leadership positions within the Long Island theater community. We are looking to inspire future female directors, producers, and technical directors, and supply female performers with new and interesting roles written from a female perspective. We are creating opportunities for our fellow sister artists.

When the founders of Spark Creative Works Inc. noticed this absence of female voices and leadership in the Long Island theater community they first got to work spearheading an all-female improvisation group, Cherry Bomb Improv. This group is made up of local performers, writers, and directors from all over Long Island who produce bimonthly comedy and improvisation performances. Through the members of this group, we have found that there are a number of female artists in the Long Island theater community who have stories that they would like to share with a broader audience, as well as a wide variety of female performers, directors, and technical personal who would like the opportunity to help these stories come to life on the stage. The board members of Spark Creative Works see this as an opportunity to meet the needs of the local theatre professionals and writers, while providing female voices the opportunity to be highlighted and celebrated.