"The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, 
something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, 
makes each day infinitely precious"

-Uta Hagen, Actress & Teacher

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“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”
  -Uta Hagen

COVID-19 Updates

Spark creative works acknowledges that this is a very challenging time for all creative industries and we want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to continue to help women produce new works which we feel are important to our artistic community. Over the course of the COVID-19 lockdown in NY and across the United States, we have witnessed an explosion of creativity via our Women's Writer's Festival submissions. We have received 7x the amount of scripts we were anticipating and we couldn't be happier because that reassures us that there is a need for the work that we are doing to help women artists at this time. As a group we have made it our mission to use our time wisely. We have been using this time to read through our 350+ submissions and to come up with the answer to "What Happens Next?" in regard to our Women's Writing Festival Project in light of the pandemic.

We, at Spark, used to think we were at a disadvantage being a theatre group that rents our production spaces on a project to project basis, not having one specific home theatre base. Current events, however, have proven otherwise. Lacking any financial attachments to a specific theatre venue currently, we breathe a sigh of relief as we are able to continue with our project planning through social distancing, reimagining, and a little bit of altered planning without losing any revenue. Our hearts go out to the many theaters do not have such a luxury at this time. Currently, many working artists and entertainers are out of work due to the need for social distancing. The theatre community thrives on viewership and attendance. We ask that if you are able, please do everything you can to support your local artists, performers, venues, and restaurants at this time. 

We have received many questions asking whether or not our current Women's Writer's project has been cancelled and to that we say "Sparklers never say die!" We will indeed continue to push this project forward with a bit of reimagining, fundraising, and a bit of hard work. For all of those who submitted to our project please see "Writing Festival Updates" under the "More" tab.

We also want to let everyone out there know that rest-assured we are doing everything in our power to move forward keeping in mind the best practices for social distancing. We have the utmost admiration for hospital employees on the frontlines and our hearts go out to any and all families and artists who have suffered due to this virus. We wish everyone safety and the best of health through these uncertain times.