"The knowledge that every day there is something more to learn, 
something higher to reach for, something new to make for others, 
makes each day infinitely precious"

-Uta Hagen, Actress & Teacher

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“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”
  -Uta Hagen

Become a Spark Sponsor

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made its way to the U.S. and many of us are practicing social distancing, we have also discovered just how much we need human connection and creativity. We here at Spark Creative Works have had an enormous influx of submissions for our women's playwriting festival in this time which is proof that the creative spirit knows no bounds and is very much thriving in light of recent events. We are happy to be an outlet for artist creativity. We currently have well over 100 submissions for our Women's Writing Festival which shows us that our mission is a strong and creative outlets are much needed at this time. Women all over the country are seeking a platform from which their voices can be heard. At SPARK we are doing our part to create new platforms for emerging female artists and writers. With kind contributions from generous sponsors we are able to grow our programs and increase opportunities for women in the performing arts industry. 

Currently, many working artists and entertainers are out of work due to the need for social distancing. The theatre community thrives on viewership and attendance. We ask that if you are able, please do everything you can to support your local artists, performers, venues, and restaurants at this time. 

We hope that you will show generous support not only to our program, but also to all artists being affected by this current shut down. 

To discuss sponsorship donations and information please reach out to Info.sparkcreativeworks@gmail.com with the Subject Line: SPONSORSHIP INTEREST.